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Annual Report

- Mattleberg Inc 

Against All Odds in the year of 2021



We’ve spent working from home and counting…

Although we quite like coming to office.

With the Pandemic altering our lives (Forever Perhaps?),

Paperflite offices closed (Kinda sorta – with occasional visits from a few) and our employees started working from home. With the change of scenery came new challenges.

Zoom took over our calendars. Kids and pets took over Zoom.

We onboarded
7 new hires completely online.

Seldom did we think it could even be possible.

Of course, but we also helped companies transition to online business in the wake of COVID-19.

674, 317, 912, 7

million experiences powered by Mattleberg INC

Some of these statistics were derived from actual data and little from extrapolated data

Essentially what we are trying to tell you is that these statistics are entirely made up for representative purposes and can be changed on your will (or wish)


B2C orders and more than $43 million in revenue generated by them


B2B sales and more than $3 billion in revenue generated by them


Users touched
everyday using an
instance of Paperflite


Users touched
everyday using an
instance of Paperflite

B2B sales and more than $3 billion in revenue generated by them



B2C orders and more than $43 million in revenue generated by them

Talking about our Customers

The brewery sent out
36,000 Instances in 2020

10X Campaign clicks
in single day.

When COVID-19 forced craft beer pioneer and Mattleberg
customer Drewberry Brewery to close its Oslo and Graz taprooms, the
company needed new ways to talk to its biggest enterprise customers and investors.

So, they started using Paperflite collections to communicate to it’s target audience. Great beer and helping save the postal all at once? That’s what success in 2020 looks like.


Drewberry saw a 7 times growth in its engagement rate.


As a result, its revenue grew by 300%

Z. Design Factory is a Finnish design services company that just opened another service line along with a branch in Central Europe. When the pandemic hit, they pivoted to making COVID related design work and found themselves with more demand than they could handle.

This most-women company managed to survive the year without laying off a single employee, all while raising money for great causes.


Here, Z. Design Factory founder Linda Helnberg explains how the company sailed through COVID and emerged more powerful than ever using Mattleberg.

TheDeeAar Inc became a Mattleberg customer in January-2020, right before they’d be needed most. TheDR INC would go on to raise millions for the community during the pandemic.

Here, Director of Marketing Lucas Miller explains.

Read Infographic Case-study

“We’ve been able to show our value as an institution during a crisis. 2020 is nothing if not a year for shaking up the status quo.”

Lucas Miler

Director of Marketing

The DR Inc


Improved the eyeballs by 800% while giving a 5X growth to the footfalls

Campaigns and Socials

$171,320 donated to organizations children health, racial equity and women’s health

2020 was already tumultuous year with the Pandemic. It was also the year for not-haves of the society. In addition, a global movement for racial justice took hold in 2020.

To show our support, we committed $171,320 to 19 organizations advancing children’s health, racial equity, and women’s health including more than $13,000 through our second-ever employee matching campaign.


Today, tomorrow, and
every day moving forward

Let’s build bigger
IDEAS in 2022

Every big idea starts with a small step forward. This has always been true, but it was especially so in 2021. Are you ready to take that step in the year to come?

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