Don’t go chasing rabbit holes

Endless search result scrolls feel like a journey with no end in sight?

With Seek, doom-scrolling is a thing of the past. No more getting lost in an endless sea of irrelevant information. Seek ensures you find the specific information you’re after. The most relevant content surfaces together with the answer you need. 

Imagine effortlessly finding a needle in a haystack – but with your content.

Seek empowers your revenue teams with faster access to answers, documentation and assets right within your flow of work. Whether you’re in an email thread, deep in a CRM, or collaborating on a Slack channel, Seek is right there with you, providing you with the insights you need to move Sales conversations forward.

Like an all-knowing Oracle – the kind that knows if Neo is The One.

Where do I find Seek, though, you ask? Well, everywhere. Almost. 

Sales Enablement - Anywhere, Anytime, not just ‘just in time’. 

No more content jigsaws

Remember having to tediously look through multiple pieces of documents to find a comprehensive answer to your buyer’s question?

Seek effortlessly assimilates and combines information from multiple repositories, and content formats - be it a PDF, a video, a PPT, or even a webpage - providing you with the complete picture based on your query.  

Seek’s powerful AI-powered algorithms take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, sifting through your content trove and surfacing the most relevant pieces based on your request.

Like an all-knowing librarian for your content repositories showing you exactly what you want to see. 

We brought Tom Riddle’s diary to life (again!).

Let’s say you(the seller) ask, “Which clients have we helped in the pharmaceutical sector?” and later, “Can you find the success metrics from this sector?”, today you’ll be greeted with a huge list of documents to dig through, and that’s if you are lucky. 

Seek gives you exactly what you asked, remembers your previous question, and retrieves precisely those relevant snippets of information from your organization’s content library and the most relevant document in under seconds. 

It’s like having a personal AI assistant (JARVIS, who?) whose brains you can pick.


Powered by Generative AI, Seek is a first-of-its-kind large language model processing solution in the sales enablement industry that reinvents how revenue teams find information to sell without spending hours searching for answers. 

Tedious content management for product marketers or frustrating search results for sellers is now a thing of the past. 


It’s time to

Generative AI has rendered traditional sales enablement platforms obsolete. 

Until recently, sales content management was all about arduously managing content storage, structuring, tagging, categorizing, organizing, archiving, tracking, and more, While sales teams had to be educated to use a platform, find, search, and peruse until they find what they need. Oftentimes, disappointed. 


Did we miss someone? 

Whether you’re an Account Executive on a demo call trying to “quickly” pull some information for your prospect, an onboarding specialist trying to build a self-serve onboarding process for a new customer, or an SDR building out a cadence, Seek understands each user’s unique needs and provides you information that you need. 

Custom-built for revenue teams.


Cut through the content clutter. Get right to the point.