This partnership enables marketing and sales teams to maintain a streamlined approach to Capture, Segment, and nurture leads, track buyer engagement, and optimise sales cycle velocity. 

An ill-timed gating could push prospects away from your content. 

Let Paperflite’s AI do the heavy lifting and identify the right moments for gating to appear on your assets. The AI engine factors in the content consumption patterns of every reader, understands their intent and gates the content at
precisely the right moment. 

Generate more leads with every piece of
content you share.

Intelligent gating means more leads than ever before 

Maximise Lead


Making it your single source of truth

All funnels lead to Hubspot 

No more missed leads and inconsistent databases. 

Leads from anywhere - from Custom forms to HubSpot forms, are now centralised in your Hubspot Contact List. Now track all your leads and their content engagement right from the convenience of Hubspot. 

You don’t have to leave Hubspot for anything, do you?


With multiple buyer groups and multiple deals running simultaneously, sales deals can get overwhelming, and some opportunities slip away.

Using content engagement insights and end-to-end deal tracking, bring all relevant stakeholders into a single dashboard - helping you identify early buying signals to prioritise your follow-ups and push sales cycles forward.

Focus on the right deals at the right time to increase deal velocity.

Leverage buyer engagement and accelerate sales cycles

Stay on 

top of your opportunities  

Measuring the impact of content on revenue is at the top of every marketer's wishlist.

With this integration, identify how your sales pipeline is influenced by the content you share and know which assets impact deals the most. Generate more revenue by investing in the right content that drives engagement.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Set intricate engagement filters and automate cadences

Markets may be subject to risk, but your marketing shouldn’t   

Put your 


on Auto-Pilot     

Leave no lead unturned - even if they’re not
ready to buy right away. 

Using engagement metrics from shared content, trigger workflows to constantly keep in touch with leads, nurturing them consistently and staying on top of their minds at all times.

For leads that go cold, let algorithms run remarketing loops and warm them up for sales to reach out at the opportune moment.

Set intricate engagement filters and automate cadences

Highly Rated by Users and Analysts

One Hub to
track them all.

Converting leads to deals has never been this easy. 

Paperflite’s integration has made your Hubspot workflow into a one-stop shop to push Sales Cycles forward.