Let’s talk numbers, charts and data

From Marketing teams, to Sales Ops and Sales Enablement leaders, we’ve got everyone covered.
With custom dashboards for each persona, you get all the key metrics for your next townhalls.
Today, sales reps lose time guessing which content would work well with every unique buyer. 

Deep analytics on content performance, marketing contribution to pipeline, deal velocity and win rates.

Win-win? We think so!

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Every marketer’s dream is to see their content drive revenue, but how do you attribute content to revenue? 

With this integration, get granular insights into how content drives sales and impacts revenue. Attribute revenue generated to the shared content and identify how well an asset performs with prospects and deals.

Invest in content that works well with buyers and optimise your marketing spend.

Know where to invest that $$$

Make the most out of every marketing dollar spent





Move deals forward by staying on top of your opportunities

Sales deals with multiple buying groups can get overwhelming, leading to sales reps losing track of opportunities. 

Bring all relevant stakeholders and their activities into one single tab, with content engagement and tracking for every asset you share.
Always know who’s engaging the most with your content, and identify buying signals to prioritise your follow-ups - pushing sales forward. 

Focus on conversations that matter

Content recommendations
relevant and in real-time

Improved sales win rates with contextual content recommendations

Today, sales reps lose time guessing which content would work well with every unique buyer. 

From a sea of one thousand content pieces, Paperflite’s AI-based algorithms do the heavy lifting by mapping 100s of parameters associated with each deal to all the content in your hub - and fish out the perfect assets for your deals.

Meaning, you get content that would positively influence your deal, at your fingertips.

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The Paperflite-Salesforce integration arms your revenue teams with the Paperflite app, 
AI-powered content recommendations, deal insights, and the impact of content on 
your sales pipelines - right from the convenience of your favourite CRM.

Enabling your GTM teams to move deals faster than ever before.  
Think Swiss Army Knife — For Sales and Marketing.





We’re now playing matchmakers.

Connecting content and sales. Within Salesforce

Make Salesforce your new home 

Everything sales teams need, under one roof

No more hopping and skipping between multiple tools and applications. 

An entire instance of Paperflite is now made available within Salesforce, making it a one-stop shop for sales. Manage, share and track content right from within the Salesforce workflow. 

There’s no reason for you to leave Salesforce, is there?