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Mattleberg Associates

Brief about us and what we offer.

Since 1985

Marketers & Sales have relied on us to consult scalable, personalized and creative martech landscape  


Due diligence of existing martech landscape and understand what works and what does not 

Work with the team to understand marketing and sales priorities for the way forward


Do a technology - product - marketing fitment


Propose a new martech structure and get buy-in from all the stakeholders 


Communicate and help in rollout and adoption 


Consultative tools and guidance to understand, buy and adopt martech tools for an enterprise. Our customers utilise Mattleberg Associate’s comprehensive solutions, high-compute capabilities and flexible licensing platform to improve marketing and the topline along with the bottom line

 What We Provide






Savings on MarTech Spend

MarTech licensing means you have no hardware to purchase. Onboarding costs are drastically cut with temporary licensing giving you the ability to commit to IT spends only after a new engineer becomes productive.

Productivity Improvement 


With no limit on study grid points or size, you can run one study for any service area using high-res data. This “set and forget it” method greatly improves efficiency over having to continually reset study grids, run multiple studies and stitch together maps.

MarTech licensing means you have no hardware to purchase. Onboarding costs are drastically cut with temporary licensing giving you the ability to commit to IT spends only after a new engineer becomes productive.


Marketing Time/Cost Saving

When determining site locations, legacy design methodology would be running coverage studies for each candidate location. For large networks, this could mean thousands of potential sites. Our automated processes run all these calculations automatically, freeing up your time.


More Efficient Determining Site Locations

“Trusted by industry leaders”

annual cost savings - going from installing 3-4 radios per day to 10-12


MarTeA proper design plan along with accurate coverage maps streamline deployments and greatly improve install efficiency. The more hardware you can install, the more money you save on engineering costs as well as the more jobs you can complete, improving your bottom line.

 Value Proposition

Customer requests
Scale large networks
Pre-sales activities
Prepare accurate bids
Infrastructure Investment
Improved radio install times
Enable Collaboration

Because the MarTech should not be viewed as a necessary evil or part of sales or only for markteting. We see it as a driver of business performance, with a number of downstream benefits that improve your bottom line:

Put the Marketing and Technology back in the MarTech space

Complex Problems

EDX streamlines processes, eliminates manual and guesswork, and keeps engineers doing what they should actually be doing. So you’re not throwing budget away on these tasks and your engineering dollars are going to actual engineering

Too many engineering tasks require an abundance of unnecessary manual labor and configurations throughout the entire network design, deployment and optimization (every stage) (from pre-sales up through deployment and optimization). (or a list of these things like pre-sales etc with parenthetical after each items with an example eg system design (pain painstakingly configure databases) 

MarTech Automation

Why Mattleberg Associates?

The differentiation and the reasons to choose us.

MarTech space is seemingly getting more complex by the day. With more and more devices being connected, with smaller cells and higher frequencies with transmitters at street level where they are susceptible to the environment, precision planning is not a small task. In addition, these networks must meet reliability, low latency and redundancy requirements not only for performance reasons, but to ensure a properly balanced network that is scalable for the future. Mattleberg Associates provides robust features to address these challenges across any service area and geographic region to ensure networks meet budgetary and performance requirements now and in the future.

Demonstrating our capabilities end to end

A Complete Solution

Mattleberg Associates offers the most comprehensive martech consulting for an enterprise.  

The features of the platform contain everything needed to design marketing and technology space from the ground up, optimize existing systems, expand networks or migrate from one technology to another.

Markters in Utility | Mission Critical | MarTech Grid | Sales | Public Safety | Consultative services | Industry Agnostic 

Marketers rely on Mattleberg’s solutions to plan martech in any service area worldwide including in-building networks and those deployed in challenging service areas.

Nobody Else Does

Worldwide services and coverage

Flexible usage based licensing

Best in class MarTech tools

Monthly update Cycle

Automated workflows throughout

One Solution for any Martech space

Flexible Licensing

The Platform provides project-based licensing for flexibility of use. The end-to-end solution is used for both long and short-term projects enabling you to achieve sales goals and gain business in new and emerging technologies. Save money over buying perpetual software licenses, get only what you need, reduce IT costs and enjoy an immediate ROI.

Our Solutions


Concluding points and highlights! 

MarTech at its best 

We work with the industry leaders in marketing and technology to be able to offer you custom, MarTech tools for any location on earth, as well as the best price available. Using the best data in your designs ensures accuracy and streamlines your deployment, as well as giving you an advantage over your competition and winning you more bids

Mattleberg Associates has flexible licensing offerings including subscription options and custom data by service area, saving money over the purchase of databases that you may not need for more than one project

When it comes to data you can wait for a big contract that has the budget to make a big data buy…but when is that contract coming and what do you do in the meantime?

You can use inaccurate data…but how many problems are you going to have on the backend and how far over-budget you will be after truck rolls and adding tools?

You can use subpar data and manipulate it by hand to make its accuracy more reasonable…but how much marketing and sales time and dollars are you wasting? Would you be better served if marketers were doing actual marketing?

The point of MarTech is to improve the time of installs. Don’t let subpar data defeat the purpose of planning and design.

Mattlberg for MarTech

Mattleberg Associates truly capitalises on an enterprises need and offers the best package that sustains the current need and scales for the future. Without having to worry on the plethora of choices, Mattleberg Associates will be able to stitch together the set of platforms that would the best-fit.

Analyze various environments that cuts the marketing / sales functions

Suggest a preliminary set of tools and platforms for shortlist.

Finalise the platforms and onboard them into the enterporise.


Automated suggestion determine site locations for best performance as well as properly dimensioned networks so you don’t overspend on hardware. Easily import tower/pole information, or let the program determine candidate locations to choose from, eliminating the need to run coverage studies for each potential site in a service area and keeping engineers from getting bogged down in guesswork and trial-and-error.

Offload, high compute, nationwide, gor, local vs cloud racing, study results cached High compute processing


The Grid Optimized Radial method is an automatic calculation that produces optimal radial lines to produce the best possible prediction accuracy. This can be used in conjunction with the large study grids and extends to service area boundaries to streamline deployments and support calls in the field and improve overall computation time.


Mattleberg Associates provides powerful tools to visualize system coverage and performance. Create macro coverage maps, showing performance across large geographic regions including state or nationwide down to particular service areas to see performance at a street level view. Export results to third party programs and image formats for presentations.

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