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you're a tourist wandering through the bustling streets of Dubai. And then a familiar sight—Sephora. As you walk through the store, you're guided by a well-informed staff member who effortlessly helps you find your favourite Kendo Brands product.

This smooth and personalized shopping experience doesn’t happen by chance. It is orchestrated by

Kate Proto

Manager of Digital Education, Kendo Brands.

Kendo, a play on the words “can do”, is a beauty brand incubator that develops and markets innovative cosmetics brands, aligning with values of cruelty-free, vegan, and high-quality ingredients. 

Kate also has a long and illustrious history with Kendo Brands, as she began her career in beauty as a seasonal cashier for Sephora. 


in the North American region alone, with countless more sprinkled across international destinations,

ensuring your partners are highly trained is no small feat

With store partnerships across

This is the challenge Kendo Brands and Kate faced, a challenge Kate was determined to overcome.





Kate Proto

Manager of Digital Education, Kendo Brands.


A Blueprint for
Partner Enablement

Kate and the team realized that the content platform teams at Kendo were currently using was ineffective in delivering content 90% of the time. 

The structural design of the content impeded teams from easily accessing relevant content. The files were inaccessible offline. The slow and cumbersome process of uploading content added to the workload of Kate and her team, and confidence in the tool was at an all-time low.

To address the challenge, there were some essential ingredients for a strategic recipe:


Ability to Access
the content

Multi - language Assets

Easy access


“So we’d interviewed a pretty broad spectrum of vendors in the content management space, 

and we thought Paperflite fit the bill






My goal was to reduce the number of clicks that a user needs to find the asset that they're looking for,” 

Kate reflects

Kendo Brands works with a varied range of beauty brands, and each brand has multiple products that are sold by retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. 

Kate recognized the inefficiency of the existing content structure and how it led to user fatigue. 

She recollects, “It was like a folder within a folder within a folder. Our field team gets easily fatigued, and they'll give up quickly if they can't find what they need. So, we wanted to ensure it was intuitive and fast.”

Her vision was to allow the field teams to 'shop for content,' similar to how they would shop for a product on Kendo's brand websites. This idea shaped the structure they now have in place.

Once the skeletal structure was established, Kate worked with Paperlfite’s onboarding team to categorize and tag all the content pieces to their relevant brand/product/retailer.



The speed and ease with which participants found the answers 
was a testament to the intuitive design of Paperflite

Kate explains

Implementing and rolling out new tools in any organization can often feel like an uphill battle.

However, this challenge only sparked creativity for Kate and the Kendo team as they borrowed a page from pop culture’s book, and brought alive Marty McFly and his DeLorean time machine to orchestrate a ‘Back-To-The-Future’-themed expedition to introduce Paperflite to the teams.

The game was designed so that participants would have to navigate to different streams on the platform to find images of characters from the movie.




Prior to Paperflite, encouraging widespread internal adoption of their existing platform was proving increasingly difficult. Recognizing the necessity for wider endorsement, Kate and the team conducted detailed discussions. They walked them through the journey of selecting Paperflite, substantiating why it was the perfect tool for their teams. 

Their persuasive conversations ensured the Leadership Team on board, setting the stage for successful adoption across the board.

They walked them through the journey of selecting Paperflite, substantiating why it was the perfect tool for their teams. 


Kate shares the response from the initial rollout, “The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. We had chosen a diverse group of participants to ensure we catered to everyone's needs. A unanimous observation was the platform's ease of use. Everyone logged in and navigated Paperflite with ease, effortlessly finding what they were looking for."


It was always a dream for us to have like a one-stop shop content

The move to Paperflite made this dream a reality, streamlining access and making content easier to find and utilize.


Across Devices with Offline Access

With Paperflite, teams could seamlessly access necessary content anytime.

Not only did Paperflite transform their content management, but it also brought about an unexpected consequence — users were now complaining that they didn't have enough charge on their iPads!


Kendo Brands was now able to ensure the teams always had the most relevant content at their fingertips through Paperflite. Updating and editing content to maintain relevancy with evolving brand guidelines and product releases also became much more manageable.


Kate’s team observed an unexpected benefit: “Assets that were previously unnoticed on our previous platform due to difficulty in finding them have been given new life through Paperflite. People are discovering really helpful tools that have always existed but were never utilized because they were hard to find. Seeing what’s being showcased and which resources are popular with our teams has been an unexpected plus.”


The visibility Paperflite offers into the performance and engagement of specific assets allows Kate’s team to customize their content creation according to their teams’ needs. This focus has led to a better understanding of content resonance and utilization, resulting in more effective content strategies.

 — Tailoring Content Creation



Kendo Brands faced challenges in delivering up-to-date and relevant training content to their teams across numerous stores globally. The existing platform was cumbersome, with content hard to locate and access when there was no Wi-Fi.

Enter Kate Proto, Associate Manager of Digital Education at Kendo. Instead of just finding a solution for this content problem, Kate had a vision for how content would shape the workflows at Kendo. She envisioned a system where the content was not only easily accessible but also intuitively organized, mirroring the shopping experience. 

As she searched for a platform that could breathe life into her vision, she came across Paperflite. Paperflite promised a design that cut through the clutter, offering offline accessibility, a consistent experience across devices, and, most importantly, a structure that eliminated endless folder searches. It seemed as though Paperflite had been tailor-made for Kendo’s unique challenges, turning Kate's aspiration of 'shoppable' content into tangible reality.

The introduction of Paperflite into the organization was nothing short of innovative. Kate orchestrated a "Back-To-The-Future" themed game to engage the team in a unique and entertaining rollout. This approach ensured not only a successful adoption but also provided a fun learning curve for the teams.

The benefits were immediately evident. Teams could now effortlessly access the latest training materials anytime they needed. The new platform breathed life into previously unnoticed content, and its analytics capabilities offered actionable insights, allowing for more strategic content decisions based on user engagement. In essence, Paperflite's adoption transformed Kendo's approach to content delivery. 

                      is an enormous upgrade for our teams. It showcases the content we work so hard to create in a beautiful way and has really elevated our team. Working with every single person from your team has been a delight. It feels like we're part of the same team