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Paperflite’s digital sales rooms are secure, fun to build, and
excuse our language — unbelievably sexy :)

But that’s not even the best part. With real-time engagement signals and industry-first ✨revenue intelligence, you get 100% visibility into what’s happening with your deals along with the guidance to win them.


room, guys! 

Cook up exquisite microsites in < 2 minutes.

It’s as simple as making a cup of instant noodles. And it looks as delightful as a bowl of authentic ramen.

Personalize logos, colors, backgrounds, fonts & more.

Add all your content in one place. Structure & shuffle however you’d like.

Give your prospects a Netflix-like content consumption experience.

Share your room with one single, secure link. 

End the email attachment and file sharing mess. Get everything and everyone you need to close the deal in one place.

One URL for everyone.

Enable OTP verification to secure your room, no passwords or logins required.

Manage access, sharing etc. for both internal & external stakeholders.

See what’s happening when you’re not in the room. 

See who’s reading and what they care about. Then hit em’ with those relevant, well-timed follow-ups 

Track what content buyers have been looking at, down to individual pages. Understand their intent and concerns.

Get notified of buyer activity in real-time. Then reach out at the perfect moment (Right within the room!).

Get alerts on new stakeholders that enter your room. Connect and add value.

Forecast based on reality, with true visibility into every deal.

Paperflite analyzes all async buyer engagement to give you unprecedented revenue intelligence. 

Get accurate deal forecasts based on what buyers (actually) do when you’re not there.

Get content recommendations to re-ignite deals that are cooling off.

Proactively take action 

With Paperflite, make sure you give your buyers the best damn one out there.
Purchase experience is THE MOST important factor while choosing a vendor.
Source: Challenger Inc. 2019 Customer Purchase Study