Insights to understand what content really resonates with the audience 

3. Tracking and measuring content engagement

Empowering salespeople with autonomy to find and use marketing materials on their own.

4. Reducing the Sales team's dependency on the Marketing team

Easy, one-click access to all the resources and information the team needs.

1. Seamless access to their diverse content libraries

The ability to tailor and share content that speaks directly to each customer's unique needs.

2. Sharing personalised content for target accounts

Selling In a Tempest

Céline Gouriou's Voyage to Transform

e2open Sales Enablement using Paperflite

Helping supply chain partners navigate choppy waters


Céline Gouriou

Within a few weeks after implementation, our Sales reps, with minimal support from Marketing, put together highly impactful collections that have helped them close deals. Paperflite has empowered our Sales teams to serve highly personalised content to their clients and prospect accounts

Global Marketing Director

Enter stage left:

broken supply chains, increasing energy prices, shrinking corporate budgets. And with rising inflation in the markets, efficiency and resiliency are becoming the norm. It’s not business as usual.

a global supply chain solutions provider, that helps partners to anticipate demand, plan production, and provide visibility across multiple tiers of the wide-ranging supply chain.

E2open’s mission? To build robust, resilient supply chains that can adapt and thrive amidst any disruption. 

And Céline Gouriou is an integral part of this mission, leading the Global Demand Generation team to develop and execute multi-channel campaigns that generate demand for their sales teams.

While e2open revolutionised supply chain management solutions worldwide, they were falling short in empowering the sales teams with a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

But how do you differentiate in a sea of increasing competition? New products? New features?

And what about a superior buying experience? 

Well, we’re not going to play spoilsports. We’ll let you read on because you’re in for a treat.

It's the year 2020:

The Iceberg Ahead:Realizing What's Missing

e2open prides itself on value-based selling—a practice rooted in educational engagement with customers and prospects — prioritising “solving for the customer”. The e2open team needed an easy way to share new ideas with clients and educate them on the full range of e2open products and how it solved the clients’ needs.

e2open's diverse range of services is categorized by distinct "Intelligent Application Suites," such as the Logistics, Global Trade, and Supply Application Suites, with each suite requiring its own set of specialized content. 

Given the breadth, it was essential to ensure that e2open Sales teams had easy access to utilise and distribute this content, and also keep themselves upto date about e2open’s products and services.

Before Paperflite, our Sales teams were sharing content in various ways: attaching assets to their emails, sharing links to the assets on our website, and sometimes even using some complimentary or paid content platforms that they would subscribe to on their own… So, there was no centralized and sustainable way to share assets with our clients.

Céline Gouriou

Global Marketing Director

e2open set out to identify a platform that could enable their sales teams to educate the customer and address their needs better to drive business growth. Their requirements: 

Realising the shortfalls of their existing methods

As a first step, the priority was to consolidate content to make it easily accessible to the entire team.

Unifying Content One-Click Access to Sales Teams

After a thorough evaluation of the market,

decided to partner with

To bring all of it together, e2open undertook a comprehensive content audit. Céline and the marketing team then brought every public-facing piece of content — whether from the website or the Product Marketing content library housed on Sharepoint — onto Paperflite’s Content Hub. 

Using Paperflite's Streams the e2open team created Content Hubs
that were carefully tailored to each active sales cycle. 

With the help of auto-recommended tags, the Product Marketing team categorized the content by use case, buying stage, active sales opportunity and made it easy to find content.

Now, with content unified, the next step was sharing this content to prospects and customers.

Making Content Distribution Easy

Before Paperflite, the Sales team at e2open was sending out content as clunky attachments to emails or links within the email. This ended up resulting in scattered inboxes, misplaced files, and constant back-and-forths.

And this only got worse as the deal progressed, with different types of files being shared (proposals, comparison guides, case studies) at each stage.

Upon adopting Paperflite, the Sales reps at e2open took to Paperflite’s Collections — a microsite where they could add all the essential content in one central, easily accessible location for the buying group.

As the deal moved along, the rep would update the Collection with content relevant to the stage and support the prospect with content they might need.


Early in the buying stage, the rep would add thought leadership content, and as the conversations progressed, the rep could add product demos and meeting recordings, and once the deal had progressed to the negotiation stage, the rep would include proposals and legal documents.

The Collections have become a virtual deal room where e2open is bringing all stakeholders together in a collaborative shared space.

Bring Content Together

Personalise and Share

Measure Engagement

Enable Self Serve for Sale

Measuring Content Engagement

Previously, when the team at e2open were sending large files via emails, they had no insight into how their prospects were engaging with this content. This resulted in multiple email follow-ups and the ever-so-famous
“Just checking in to see if you’ve had the chance to read the content I’d shared”

With Paperflite, the e2open team has been able to capture content engagement data and have eliminated a shoot-in-the-dark approach with their sales follow-ups.

“With Paperflite, everything is fully integrated, and the analytics are available on Salesforce, which is perfect for tracking performance and measuring the impact of what we're doing”

With this, e2open had brought content together, made it easy for teams to distribute content and also track and measure the impact of content. End of scene, right? Not quite..

We're creating collection templates that are tailored for each step of the sales cycle now. And these sequences will only multiply the impacts of these collections because not only will they be tailored for a specific account, but also tailored for a specific stage of the account. So that means we're showing things that are even more relevant. And this has had a huge impact on our sales processes.

Once the immediate content challenges were solved, e2open leveraged Paperflite to set their sales teams up for success. Here’s how they went about it:

Creating Sales Plays Using Collection Templates

Or the story of how a team’s futuristic thinking shaped the roadmap of a product. With insights into how content is being consumed, and engaged with, e2open Marketing team knew which content was working. 

Then, the question arose: What if we could take all the high performing content (content that has worked in previous deals) and make a template for the Sales reps. The forward-thinking team approached Paperflite with a request to allow creation of templates for the Sales teams.

This led to close collaborations between e2open and Paperflite product specialists which resulted in Paperflite Collection Templates becoming a marquee feature on the product. Once the feature was live, Celine and the team would build Templates that the Sales teams could come in and use.

Sales reps could then clone the template, add a touch of personalization on their end and share it with their prospects.

Safe shores?

This ensured:

1. Sales teams did not have to rely on Marketing and had complete autonomy

Global Marketing Director

Céline Gouriou

2. Only high-performing and marketing-approved content being shared

Serving highly personalized content experiences

e2open‘s value-selling principle hinges on customer education and they recognised that the content had to be personalised and tailored to the client’s needs to showcase that e2open’s suite of products were the best fit. 

To set this in motion, the e2open team began identifying their target accounts with the help of an Account-Based Marketing tool (6Sense) and built out a list of accounts.

“We were using an ABM platform to identify intent-based buying signals, and we needed a solution to help us personalize and tailor content that would help us differentiate from competitors,” notes Céline Gouriou.

Once the target accounts were identified, it was about serving them with personalised, tailored content.

With Paperflite’s Collections, e2open has been able to achieve this. By personalising each element of the collection — banner image, customer logo, custom CTA, contact card — e2open has made each interaction feel highly curated to the prospect. 

And Paperflite’s AI-powered content recommendations eliminated the guesswork for sales by recommending high-performing content based on use case, buying stage and other deal parameters.

These personalised Collections were shared through unique links, further enhancing the tailored experience for each account. This has ensured that the content shared is highly relevant and personalised.

“Without any doubt, Paperflite has become one of the best ways to impact and accelerate our sales cycles”


The Turning of Tides: Crafting a Winning Sales Strategy

With Paperflite, e2open has been able to solve their immediate content access and distribution needs but has also helped how the Sales Enablement strategy has evolved. 

Here’s what the winning sales strategy looks like now:

Autonomy for Sales to Self-Serve

The Collection templates and sequences have allowed the e2open marketing team to build a “self-serve” model for Sales. 

These ‘sales plays’ have given the Sales teams the autonomy to run their sales process and serve personalized content experiences without relying on marketing teams. 

Here’s Celine with an anecdote about the autonomy:

“Paperflite is also, and above all, the platform allowing our Sales teams to run their own mini-ABM campaigns, without any marketing support. My team has created a library of collection templates for all the solutions we are selling. Sales can clone these existing templates, tailor them for their clients, and share them. This means Sales do not need to wait for a marketer to be able to support them in a Marketing-led ABM campaign, they are autonomous”. 

Accelerated Sales Cycles using Paperflite "Deal Rooms"

With buying groups having expanded to include multiple stakeholders, getting essential information to each stakeholder had become a crucial part of getting deals across faster. And e2open also has seen it come true first hand.

Paperflite’s Collections are helping e2open bring all stakeholders into a single collaborative ‘deal room’. These ‘deal rooms’ have ensured all the relevant information is easily accessible by every collaborator on the deal. Legal teams can have access to NDAs, SoWs and the IT teams have access to security documents and so on.

This way of collaborating on deals has allowed the e2open sales teams to move faster with each deal.

“We know that nowadays, the purchasing decision is not made by one or two individuals in the company, but by several people that are part of the buying group. With Paperflite’s Collections, we’ve been able to provide each persona in the buying group with relevant content, and has helped us move the deals across the pipeline”.

Improved win rates because of the personalized buying experience

Upto 53% of buyers said they selected
a supplier based on the buying experience.

With Paperflite, e2open has provided that superior buying experience tailored to each of their customers, and, as a result, has stood out from their competitors. 

“Paperflite revolutionized our sales content distribution strategy. It has become the best way for Sales to share content assets with their clients. Not only does Paperflite enable us to package assets in content collections that have a nice look & feel, but also every single engagement is being tracked, which provides invaluable insight into what triggers interest for our clients.” 

While, in hindsight, it seems like a “fit like a glove” scenario, there were initial hurdles that the e2open team and the Paperflite team worked together to fix: getting teams to adopt to the new platform.

Several salespeople were skeptical about adopting to the new platform. However, as soon as they saw the platform in practice and started to see results, they were quick to embrace the change. And with continuous awareness, education and training programs, e2open has achieved broader and consistent adoption of the platform 

“Adopting a new content strategy or platform is not always easy at the beginning, but it is worth the effort, especially with a gold partner like Paperflite.

The incredible support we've received from Paperflite has guided us in the right direction. They've shown us best practices and how customers in different industries are successfully using Paperflite in their efforts. This sharing of knowledge and use cases has been instrumental in our success."

Challenges in Implementing

"What does the world look like before and after Paperflite"? we asked Céline

I would say that Paperflite has been a game-changer. It revolutionized the way we distribute content with clients in active sales cycles, the way we track engagement with this content, and our ability to refine our sales and marketing strategies to align closely with our client’s needs and expectations. Without any doubt, Paperflite has become one of the best ways to impact and accelerate sales cycles.


From not having a centralised location for content to setting up sales teams for success, e2open has come a long way to align with their clients’ needs and expectations. With the help of Paperflite, e2open unified content and made it easily accessible to Sales teams. Paperflite’s Collections have empowered the Sales teams to deliver highly tailored and personalized content experiences to their prospects and clients. 

The engagement insights from Paperflite have helped e2open understand what triggers interest for their clients and have enabled them to create content that resonates. e2open, with these tailored buying experiences, has demonstrated to clients why they are the ideal partners to solve their needs and challenges.

Céline Gouriou, Global Marketing Director at e2open, says “Without any doubt, Paperflite has become one of the best ways to impact and accelerate our sales cycles”