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No more 

content journeys 

When was the last time you opened Instagram and stopped at just one reel? 

With Foleon, all the content you’ve put so much effort into 
creating will live just as an individual one-off piece, residing 
somewhere in the ethers of space, only to be forgotten.

However, Cleverstory’s AI engine recommends personalised content journeys and feeds highly relevant content to buyers based on their behavioural patterns and preferences. 

This means A: more Facetime for your content and B: your buyers are now more primed to talk to you. 

Less Hair Pulling. 
More Content Creating

Creating interactive content should not be a frustrating experience.

Learning curves, IT, and design dependencies shouldn’t hold you back from publishing engaging interactive documents.

With Foleon, there is a steep learning curve before you can publish, and users complain that the platform can be slow and glitchy. Page publishing is not instant and can take anywhere from 20 seconds to minutes, and the editor is not as user-friendly as claimed.

With Cleverstory’s drag-and-drop editor, creating interactive content experiences is simple and quick. The platform is intuitive and allows users to create stunning interactive documents in no time, even if they have no design knowledge/experience. 

With Foleon, you’re limited to static gating forms that need to be configured manually for every document. This can mean junk leads getting captured and Sales chasing dead-ends.

Cleverstory’s AI engine analyses content consumption patterns of your audience, understands readers’ intent, and gates your content at exactly the right page, allowing you to capture high-quality intent-based leads.

Don’t let Sales chase junk leads

leads through 
smart gating

Putting the Q in MQL

Insights and 
Not Just Reports.

Playing Sherlock with your data can get really tiring.

With Foleon, you run the risk of missing out on key insights that could help you optimize your marketing efforts and generate more revenue.

With Cleverstory, not only do you get all of the page-level data, but you also get insights into how content is influencing the pipeline and generating revenue.

Identify what’s working with greater precision, and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Step aside, vanity metrics!

Making the shift 
from Foleon 
to Cleverstory

Worried about migration?

The hassle of switching to a new solution holding you back? We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your migration from Folleon is as smooth as possible.

Don’t let Foleon’s limitations hold you back from creating truly engaging and immersive content experiences.


With Cleverstory, you get a straightforward, predictable pricing structure, and you won’t have to worry about rising costs. You get unlimited documents that you can publish, and all the integrations are available to you off the bat.

On Foleon, you’ll quickly find your bills increasing 
as you start using the platform. 

1.Publishing: You get only 10 docs to start with and will have to purchase additional doc bundles.

2.Lead generation: integrations with forms are not part of every plan
3. MAP Integrations: Not part of every plan

comes at a cost.

Future-Proof Technology

That Scales With You

Supporting the ever-evolving needs of GTM teams

Interactive content? Check. Marketing Campaigns? Check. Sales Content Management? Check.

With Foleon, interactive content is where it stops.However, 

Cleverstory offers flexible technology that empowers GTM teams with end-to-end content creation and 
management capabilities, from interactive content to campaign pages. With Cleverstory, 
GTM teams can future-proof their technology and stay ahead of the curve.

Think outside 
the blocks

With Cleverstory, users face no such restrictions and have complete control of each element of their canvas. Each pixel of the canvas is for you to use; drag and drop your elements anywhere on the canvas without worrying about running into roadblocks. 

With Foleon, the page layout is restrictive, and adding content to pages is defined by content blocks and columns which come with limitations:

Break free from cookie-cutter content creation and create the masterpiece your way.

  • 20 blocks per page 
  • 7 columns per block (and sometimes equal-width 
    columns are not possible)
  • 20 pages in total to maintain performance a really short publication.

Don’t let platform limitations come in
the way of wowing your customers

The World’s Leading Companies Love Cleverstory

G2 Momentum® Grid Scoring


Experience Cleverstory, an easy-to-use Foleon alternative to build immersive content experiences your audiences will want to fall in love with.

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Why Choose Cleverstory over      Foleon?

Why Users Love Cleverstory

We're super happy with it as we're able to show much better ROI for our campaigns.

We’re able to get real-time actionable insights on how the content has been performing, and that’s given us a clear understanding to make changes to our strategy

A comprehensive platform for all things content with a very easy UI/UX

After Cleverstory’s implementation, we’ve begun to double down on our important accounts once we discovered what content worked best among our prospects 

A perfect marketing tool with great user experience. Total game changer!

We’re using

Paperflite’s Cleverstory as an ABM tool, using it to send personalized content to target accounts and it is the default tool for any campaign now

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