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All the numbers (read $$$$) that matter

Thou aren’t

We know you love charts and numbers. We got you covered.

With custom dashboards, each configurable for different personas, you can track your sales activities and content engagement metrics. Make data-driven decisions that enable you to increase deal velocity and measure ramp-up effectiveness.


All Things Content within

Best of both worlds

It’s like someone cast a spell to bring together Paperflite and Dynamics. We did. We cast the spell.


The Paperflite-MS Dynamics integration arms sales teams with

all the intelligence to move deals faster and improve deal win rates

by recommending content that closes deals within their workflow.

All this without having to leave your favourite CRM.

One Stop-Shop for Sales

Stop switching and hopping between tools

There’s already a plethora of disparate tools in a sales rep’s tech stack. Why add more?

Sales reps, you don’t need to switch between different tools anymore.

An entire instance of Paperflite is now made available within 
Dynamics, bringing everything you need under one roof. Manage, share and track your content all from a single window without ever leaving Microsoft Dynamics.


Right content. Right buyer. Right within Dynamics.

AI-powered content recommendations to improve sales outcomes

Let sellers focus on selling and not guessing.

Paperflite’s AI engine does all the heavy lifting and recommends high-performing content based on prospects’ unique needs right

within Dynamics, so sellers are always armed with the right content.

Sit back, sip your pina coladas, and carpe that diem!

Skip to the good parts. Faster.

Accelerate your Sales cycle by staying on top of your opportunities

Get complete engagement visibility at every stage of the sales cycle, and which deals are likely to close faster right within your pipeline.

 Bring all stakeholders involved in any opportunity in one place and get a holistic view of shared content, email interactions, and content engagement patterns.

Know which buyers are ready to buy, prioritise follow-ups, and move deals faster.

MarkOps, Did someone say Content ROI?

Content insights to help you make the most of your marketing budgets|

We get it. Attributing content to revenue is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.
With this integration, you get complete visibility into how content influences sales and drives revenue. Double down on content that works, optimise marketing investments and don’t shy away from questions like “What’s the ROI of content?”


your MS Dynamics Experience with Paperflite